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10.054 Ft (7.916 Ft + ÁFA)

Superfire R3 P90 zseblámpa, 2700lm, USB

10.054 Ft (7.916 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: R3 P90
Cikkszám: I23036
Elérhetőség: 4 munkanapon belül
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
Szállítási díj: 1.800 Ft

Leírás és Paraméterek

Superfire R3 P90 Flashlight

Provide yourself with a reliable source of light in any situation. The Superfire R3 P90 flashlight shines at 36W and uses the improved P90 light beads. It can operate in 5 modes and will also work well as a powerbank. It is IP44 waterproof and guarantees efficient heat dissipation. Its working time is up to 3.5 hours on a single charge.

High power

The power of the flashlight is 36W, and its light range is up to 350m. The product has been equipped with improved P90 light beads, thanks to which it not only shines extremely brightly, but also generates less heat and can work longer. What's more, thanks to the carefully thought-out design, the flashlight will optimally illuminate almost any area - perfect at home, in a tent or during a mountain expedition

5 light modes

What else makes the R3 P90 flashlight perfect for different applications? The device allows you to choose from 5 modes of operation. It can shine with weak, medium or strong light, there is also SOS and Flash modes available. So you can successfully use the flashlight in different situations, and if you need help, you can use it to give an alarm signal.

Built-in battery and powerbank function

Unexpected power failure? A fully charged flashlight lasts long enough to help you wait it out or find another solution. The R3 P90 has a built-in 3400mAh battery that provides up to 3.5 hours of run time. The device can also act as a powerbank - you can easily charge your phone or tablet with it when needed.

Effective heat dissipation

Don't worry that prolonged use of the flashlight may result in overheating. The R3 P90 is equipped with an intelligent cooling system and provides efficient heat dissipation. This keeps its temperature at an optimal level, resulting in reliable performance while protecting the user from burns.

Extremely durable and waterproof

The flashlight is made from excellent quality aluminum alloy, making it extremely durable and damage resistant, yet lightweight. R3 P90 is also distinguished by IP44 water resistance, so you can use it with confidence even in harsh conditions - accidental splashes or rainfall are not a threat to it. This means that it will be perfect for example during a field trip.

Brand Superfire
Model R3 P90
Lighting modes Low light / Medium Light / Strong Light / Burst Flash / SOS
Power 36W
Range Up to 350m
Weight 320g
Waterproof IP44
Drop resistance Up to 1m
Battery 3400 mAh
Material Aluminum alloy
Working time About 3.5h
Dimensions 179x61x36mm
Garancia: 12 hónap


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