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10.355 Ft (8.154 Ft + ÁFA)

Sonic toothbrush with app for kids and tips set Bitvae K7S (pink)

10.355 Ft (8.154 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: K7S pink
Cikkszám: I32418
Elérhetőség: 4 munkanapon belül
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
Gyártó: BITVAE
Szállítási díj: 990 Ft

Leírás és Paraméterek

Sonic toothbrush for kids with app and tip set Bitvae K7S (pink)

Do you want to take care of your children's healthy smiles? Are you looking for the right toothbrush for them? Bitvae BVK7S will be an excellent choice! Thanks to 3 different modes, you will adjust its operation to the age of your kid, so the device will be suitable for toddlers, as well as children in their teens. What's more, the dedicated app will make the whole process of oral hygiene more pleasant, as it will turn it into great fun! With Bitvae, your child will always have well-groomed and healthy teeth.


Different modes of operation

The Bitvae sonic toothbrush can work in 3 different modes, and its vibration rate per minute is 40800. Gum Care is used for gentle stimulation, which means it can improve blood circulation in the gums. If your child has very sensitive teeth, choose the Mild mode (it's also perfect for children over 6 years old). For children between the ages of 9 and 12, the Soft mode will be the best choice. All this means that the Bitvae toothbrush can accompany your child from the youngest to the teenage years, you just need to replace its tips regularly.


Protecting children's teeth

The Bitvae toothbrush will not only take care of the cleanliness of your child's teeth, but also their safety. It is equipped with a special sensor that detects too much brushing. This prevents too much pressure and damage to tooth enamel. What's more, it comprehensively takes care of oral hygiene, as it removes as much as 7 times more plaque than a standard toothbrush.


Comfort of use

Does your child dislike brushing his teeth? That can change with the Bitvae BVK7S, as this toothbrush is designed with comfort in mind. It exhibits IPX7 water resistance, which means your child can safely use it even in the shower! What's more, its bristles are very soft, and a 2-minute timer will ensure that the brushing time is long enough. What's more, you can use it for up to 60 days after a full charge!


Dedicated app

With the help of a dedicated app, brushing your teeth can be even more fun! Special games will help to teach correct brushing, and the bonuses earned will encourage the child to be more systematic. What's more, the toothbrush will easily connect to the app via Bluetooth, so you'll be able to read reports, broken records, as well as adjust the mode of the device. Download the app to your smartphone and discover new possibilities!


Long working time

What sets the Bitvae sonic toothbrush apart is its long working time. It can work for up to 100 days, which means it will only require charging 3 times a year! This makes it so that you can take it with you on a long trip and not worry that your child will stop taking care of their oral hygiene.



  • Sonic toothbrush
  • Set of tips
Manufacturer Bitvae
Model K7S blue
Operating time up to 100 days
Operation modes Gum Care, Mild and Soft
Waterproof IPX7
Connectivity Bluetooth
Color Pink
Working time up to 60 days
VPM 40800/ min
Garancia: 12 hónap


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