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479.900 Ft (377.874 Ft + ÁFA)

EcoFlow Glacier Hűtőszekrény

479.900 Ft (377.874 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: ZYDBX100-EU
Cikkszám: I30330
Elérhetőség: 4 munkanapon belül
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
Szállítási díj: 1.800 Ft

Leírás és Paraméterek

EcoFlow Glacier Refrigerator

Going camping or maybe hosting an outdoor event? Take the EcoFlow Glacier refrigerator with you. Its capacity reaches 38 liters and is equipped with two compartments. It allows you to both refrigerate and freeze food, and also acts as an ice cube maker. What's more, it can work wirelessly thanks to a plug-in battery (not included) or wired - for example, when plugged into an AC outlet. Moreover, it was created with environmentally friendly materials and you can charge it in several ways.


2 independent compartments

Going on a weekend camping trip? Take the EcoFlow Glacier with you. The refrigerator is equipped with 2 compartments: one with a capacity of 23 liters and the other with a capacity of 15 liters, so you can, for example, store drinks in one compartment and food in the other. What's more, the control panel allows you to control the operation of the appliance: switch one compartment to the freezing function and the other to the cooling function, or switch on cooling/freezing in both compartments. What's more, the refrigerator is distinguished by its total capacity of 38 liters, which allows you to store 60 cans of beverage.


Ice cube maker

Are you dreaming of a refreshing drink on a hot day? With Ecoflow Glacier it is possible! The refrigerator is equipped with an ice cube maker that will prepare about 18 ice cubes in about 12 minutes (if the ambient temperature is 25°C and the water temperature is 15°C). Now you have access to cold drinks no matter where you are.


Fast cooling - low energy consumption

You no longer have to wait too long for your drinks to cool down. If you use Max mode, it only takes about 15-20 minutes for the temperature of the unit to drop from 30°C / 86°F to 0°C / 32°F. And in Eco mode, the refrigerator uses less than 1 kWh of energy per day.


Convenient transportation

EcoFlow Glacier is distinguished by its portable and ergonomic design. Its transportation is facilitated by wheels and 2 handles - so you don't have to carry the refrigerator with its contents. What's more, you can easily detach the accessories if you don't need them, for example, when you want to move the refrigerator to the trunk of your car for transport. Note: wheels and handles are not part of the set and must be purchased separately.


Several ways of charging

You will charge the EcoFlow Glacier refrigerator (for wireless operation with plug-in battery) in 3 ways, for even more freedom of use. You can plug it into an AC outlet (180 W) - after about 2 h 15 min it will be ready for further use. You will also find a car charger with a cable, which will renew the refrigerator's energy in 4 h (12 V) or 2 h 7 min (24 V). If you bet on ecological solutions - connect EcoFlow Glacier to solar panels (240 W) - it will be ready to continue working after 2 h 5 min. In addition, the device is compatible with EcoFlow charging stations from the Delta series and equipment from the Power Kits.


Simple, intuitive operation

Operation of the refrigerator is simple and convenient, so you will not have any problems. It is equipped with an LCD display and control panel, which will allow you to customize its operation. You can use the buttons to turn the device on/off, set the temperature or turn on the ice cube maker. In addition, from the dedicated app you will check the remaining operating time, the temperature of the appliance, the performance history, etc. Enjoy the solutions that EcoFlow Glacier offers.


Efficient and safe power supply

EcoFlow Glacier is wireless, and you need a 298 Wh battery (plug-in battery) to power it. It allows you to refrigerate food for 24 h and freeze for 10 h. With its help you will also renew the energy of your laptop. Note: the plug-in battery is not included and must be purchased separately. EcoFlow Glacier can also work wired, just plug it into a power supply, such as an AC outlet or car charger. In addition, the refrigerator offers battery over-discharge protection, so you can use it safely.



  • refrigerator
  • power adapter + AC cable
  • car charger + cable
  • basket
  • measuring cup for scooping ice cubes
  • instruction manual
Manufacturer EcoFlow
Model BX-100
Name EcoFlow Glacier
Climate category SN/N/ST/T
Short circuit protection 2

Left compartment: 23l

right compartment: 15l, total: 38 l


776 x 385 x 445 mm (without wheels and handles)

845 x 385 x 445 mm (with wheels and handles)

Water resistance IPX5
Cooling temperature -25°C - +10°C / -13°F - +50°F (ambient temp. 25°C)
Operating modes Quick freeze, Eco
Freezing time 15 min
Energy consumption

Refrigerator: 0.3 kWh/24 h (ambient temp. 25°C / 77°F, set temp. 4°C / 39°F)

Freezer: 0.7 kWh/24 h (ambient temp. 25°C / 77°F, set temp. -18°C / 39°F)

Energy class 1
Noise level Ice cube maker: 50 dB (A), refrigerator: 42 dB (A)
WiFi 2.4G
Bluetooth yes
Weight 23 kg (including wheels and handles)
AC input voltage 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
AC input power 180 W
Output power

charging with solar panels: 240 W (11-60 V, 13A max)

charging via car charger: 192 W (12/24 V, 8A max)

Operating temperature 0°C - 50°C / 32°F-122°F
Storage temperature -30°C - 80°C / -22°F - 176°F


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