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10.630 Ft (8.370 Ft + ÁFA)

Baseus A2 vezeték nélküli autóporszívó 5000Pa (fekete)

10.630 Ft (8.370 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: VCAQ030001
Cikkszám: I23613
Elérhetőség: 4 munkanapon belül
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
Gyártó: BASEUS
Szállítási díj: 2.200 Ft

Leírás és Paraméterek

Baseus A2 vacuum cleaner

Lightweight and handy - these are the main features of Baseus A2 vacuum cleaner. With its help, you can easily clean the car. It will also work great at home. With 5000 Pa of suction power, effectively removes various types of dirt. It can work up to 18 minutes on a single charge, and the charging time is about 3.5 hours. It also has a blowing function, and its compact design is responsible for comfort of use and easy storage.

Different usage scenarios

With the A2 you can thoroughly vacuum the upholstery, trunk, or the dust lingering in the crevices of the sunroof. You can also use this device to clean your home. It is perfect for cleaning narrow spaces, for example, in the sofa, or shelves.

High suction power, effective filtration

Sand, crumbs, hair, dust - the A2 can easily handle them. The vacuum uses 5000 Pa of suction power, effectively removing the dirt. Yet it's still quite quiet, at <75 dB. Moreover, the HEPA filter is responsible for efficient filtration, thoroughly separating dust from the air.

Up to 18 min runtime on a single charge

The Baseus vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 6000 mAh battery, which translates to about 18 minutes of use on a single charge. When the need arises, you will charge A2 using a USB-C cable (included). It only takes about 3.5 hours for it to be ready to work again.

Convenience of use

A2 works wirelessly, so a too-short cord won't restrict your movements. What's more, instead of a bag, it uses a special 60ml reservoir that you can easily empty. It's easy to operate with just one button and its lightweight design (~800g) makes it comfortable to use and easy to store. You can successfully store it in the glove compartment or cup holder.

Accessories included

The kit comes with accessories to make cleaning even easier. The compressed air hose will help you vacuum in narrow spaces and hard-to-reach places. While the dust brush will allow you to get rid of, for example, hair, hairs, will also clean uneven surfaces.

Thoughtful design

A2 was designed with an emphasis on functionality. The blue indicator will let you know when your device is working, and the USB-C port makes charging easy. Made of ABS plastic for durability, and the dust container is easy to remove and empty.


  • Vacuum cleaner
  • USB-C charging cable
  • 2 extra nozzles: compressed air hose and dust brush
  • Storage case
Brand Baseus
Model A2
Product code VCAQ030001
Material ABS + PC
Color Black
Suction power 5000 Pa
Dimensions 60 x 253 x 60 mm
Charging time 3 ~ 3.5 hours
Battery capacity 6000 mAh
Input voltage 5V / 2.4A (Max.)
Power 70W
Working time & gt; 18 min
Noise level & lt; 75 dB
Charging port USB-C
Dust container capacity 60 ml
Garancia: 12 hónap


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