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8.961 Ft (7.056 Ft + ÁFA)

ANLAN ALCPJ05-02 Kavitációs peeling fényterápiával (fehér)

8.961 Ft (7.056 Ft + ÁFA)
Gyártó cikkszám: ALCPJ05-02
Cikkszám: I23521
Elérhetőség: 4 munkanapon belül
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
Gyártó: ANLAN
Szállítási díj: 990 Ft

Leírás és Paraméterek

Cavitation peeling with light therapy ANLAN ALCPJ05-02

Anlan device will allow you to take care of your skin in a quick and easy way. The peeling uses red and blue light therapy and positive and negative ions. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, treats acne and firms the skin. It also makes it easier to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads. What's more, its operation is simple, so it won't give you any trouble.

Thoroughly cleanse the face skin

With the help of Anlan cavitation peeling you will thoroughly cleanse the skin of your face. The device uses ultrasonic vibrations and works with the amount of 24000 vibrations per second. What is more, the positive ions eliminate impurities located in the deep layers of the skin. As a result, your skin is clean and ready for your next skin care treatment.

Effective reduction of wrinkles

Restore your skin's smoothness and elasticity. Microcurrent EMS guarantees a lifting effect thanks to stimulation of facial muscles. What is more, it activates collagen production and improves skin condition. As a result the complexion is firm and wrinkles are smoothed out.

The power of negative ions

Cavitation peeling from Anlan will increase the effectiveness of the cosmetics you use. Negative ions together with high frequency vibrations help nutrients reach deeper layers of the skin. Now you can enjoy perfectly moisturized skin.

Red and blue light therapy

The device also offers red and blue light therapy. Red light is responsible for increased skin elasticity and slowing down the aging process. Blue light, on the other hand, cleanses the skin of bacteria and supports acne treatment.

Easy to use

Operating the device is simple and convenient. Wash your face and then turn on Ulrasonic mode. After about 2-3 minutes, select the Ion+ mode for extra facial cleansing and exfoliation of dead skin. Then apply your favorite cream and activate Ion mode. Finally, use the EMS mode, for smoothing the skin.


  • cavitation peeling
  • charging cable
  • user manual
Model JD-CP001
Red light wavelength 605-700 nm
Blue light wavelength 450-480 nm
Dimensions approx. 170 x 43 x 19 mm
Weight approx. 88 g
Material ABS + stainless steel
Rated power approx. 1,5 W
Vibration frequency 24,000 vibrations per second
Battery capacity 500 mAh
Charging time approx. 2 h
Automatic switch off after approx. 10 minutes


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